In the USA, the country where same-sex marriages are legal, 65% of people do believe in a religion that explicitly states that gay people should be beaten to death with rocks.

Make up your mind. You're either pro-equality or you're a christian. You can't be both.

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    Probably the stupidest post I red in a long time. Every adult knows that life is not just black and white. Grey areas exist ffs.
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    Especially when you draw a line through 330,000,000 people.
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    Off with shitty politics.
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    Fuck off m8. Take this shit take back to twitter where it belongs
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    Again full bs, well done!
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    What a retarded post. As a former hardline christian that somewhat shared that belief - I was not in the majority in the religion.
    But yes, that is the biblical thing to think.

    Anyway, you are stupid enough to remember that there is other relgions that wishes death upon LBTQ-people.
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    Dont forget Russia, that country are more anti same-sex relations. Fix your own country before complaining about russias rival
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    A nation of 300 million people think differently about pee pee poo poo cum.

    More after sports.
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