Christmas Party (2016) SPOILER ALERT

you've been warned

mental discussion I had yesterday after watching Christmas Party:

Hacker me: "I wonder if is really this easy take down the internet connection of an entire city........... maybe I'll google it around and see"

Normal Person me: "Let me get this straight you're thinking to google 'how to take down city internet'? ARE YOU A FUCKING IDIOT???? DO YOU REALIZE IN WHICH KIND OF WORLD WE LIVE NOW? DO YOU REALLY WANT THE SECRET SERVICE OF 5 DIFFERENT COUNTRY TO KICK DOWN YOUR DOOR AT 5 IN THE MORNING???????"

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    @g-m-f wow so easy...haha
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    You need to google this ?!
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    @stop I need to google what would really take to take down the whole city connection
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    Depends on the city. My uni's town had one single trunk line connecting the whole town to the Internet. A misplaced back-hoe was all it took for the town to go without for a few days
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    I'd probably hedge my bets in DDoS'ing that particular countries root DNS clusters.
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    here's a hint DNS if you hit the cities providers main DNS servers the internet will be down for 99% of the town unless they have set their computer to use googles nameservers
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    Here in germany one provider said that they turnoff LTE and UMTS at night for energy saving.
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