I dedicate this to all of those hr gurus from top tech companies that rejected me cause they think I won’t fit their culture despite me crushing all their technical interviews, fuck them and their soft skills stupid questions.
I won’t fit there anyways cause I can express my own thoughts using sarcasm and irony and I’m not scared of doing it cause I don’t care about your amazing company culture that prefer robots not people with a little sense of humor. I don’t care about my failures cause there was so many I don’t give a fuck. And by the way if you ask me why I want to work in your amazing company I would always say cause you asked me to work for you and now you treat me like shit. Then 10 years later you blame everyone for toxic culture lol.

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    Oh fuck I HATE those soft skill behavioral questions bc they’re so hit or miss. You don’t know what they want in terms of culture unless you’re a psychic bc they’re subjective as hell. What are your strengths and weaknesses, how did you handle conflict, what did you do when a project was in trouble, how do you handle deadlines, etc. They say there’s no right or wrong answer but that’s garbage bc you can still fail the behavioral interview.
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    @TeachMeCode it’s hard to say how you handle conflict if you handle it so well you didn’t have one for more than 10 years in multiple jobs, multiple consulting projects and everyone likes you and still speaks with you and remembers you.

    The only problem is you need a job cause there is partial crash on the market cause of pandemic, you have mortgage and just spend all of your savings on apartment before inflation kicks in, your contract is over cause of company you worked for is hit by lack of profit and boss from client of your contractor company you never spoke with is writing you directly apologizing about their situation and that they finished contract with your employer.
    Well fuck them. That was fucked up.

    And yeah I wanted to move forward and don’t move back to those past companies.
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