Everyone seems to be obsessed with wordle at the moment so it got me wondering.

How many programmers here enjoy or are good at puzzles?

Personally I don’t enjoy puzzles too much nor am I great at them.

Do you need to be good at one to be good at the other?

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    Haven't played a puzzle in years, but i enjoy them.
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    I love puzzles! The problem solving is my favourite aspect of development, and I get the same rush (albeit smaller) from solving a puzzle as I do fixing a bug
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    Quite like puzzle video games but I can’t do crosswords, sudoku or anything that they print in those puzzle magazines
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    I love puzzles, but there are many types of them. Being good at one doesn't necessarily make you good at another....
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    I don't mind puzzles but I don't really enjoy them for long periods of time, even in videogames.

    Wordle is nice because it's one puzzle a day so you can't really get too bored or burn yourself out. Its not incredibly hard but I also don't feel dissatisfied if I don't get it right so it's not too much of an up or down, just a "make your brain think differently for 2-10 minutes" kinda thing (for me).
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    I love burr and sequential puzzles hell one of my favorite YouTubers is Chris Ramsey
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    I grew up in a crossword solving family.

    It's not something I do often but if I'm doing a long breakfast and have a paper you bet I'll give it a go.

    To me - the skills don't translate to other games.
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