Fuck the new ECMAScript 2018 specifications.


I mean seriously? How the hell is dot syntax gonna make it more readable?

Also, i love the brackets, braces and semicolon. Hate to see them deprecated.

Almost gave me a heart attack and my head was boiling watching it.


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    You know what day today is ? The day where you shouldn't go on the internet.... :P
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    April Fools day 😂😂😂
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    Ye no problem OP, already fell for it today. @rekkyrek got me...
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    I watched that video, was clueless to the very end.

    When he got to that dot thing... OH GOD! I so wanted to kill whoever thought that was a good idea.

    Thank God it was only a joke.
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    "Sooo readable..." Was what he said 😂
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