Recruiter story.. hilarious stuff..

I have an interview in next fifteen minutes and was setting up for it.

Recruiter calls me to remind me of the same.

I ask her to tell me who the interviewer would be, because she did not mention in the invite and also did not respond when I asked her over the email.

Her response: sure, wait a minute... Actually we are not allowed to disclose interviewer.


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    She will blur your interviewer's face and change their voice.
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    @rantsauce kek, it will be like being interviewed by Anonymous or Ed Snowden
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    This interview may or may not include:

    - anal probing

    - drugs causing you to forget the interview, or a flashy thing, don't stare at the flashy thing

    - discussion of secret sauce

    - some elaborate way for your stalker to get to you

    - you get to meet Elvis
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    - Severe pain around the rectum area
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    Otherwise you may bribe them? That seems extreme though
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    when you think that you have seen most of the weird stuff with recruiters, they don't cease to surprise you :D
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    @rantsauce **in a Darth Vader voice** can you do a switch case that allows users to get either your credit card number or your social security number through a python CLI? Just hardcode your actual numbers in a JSON file, it should be fine. Then submit me the code.
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