Companies/Managers be like:
No, you cannot get a significant raise for being the best dev on the team. (EoY reviews from colleagues)
We would rather hire someone for more than you are asking for to do the same thing, then wait 3 months for them to become productive again.
So you can leave for some random position in another company that will pay more than you'd get here, even after the raise you've asked for.


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    Retarded higher ups
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    @BixelPitch Currently working towards step 2
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    because managers are trained to _manage_, not to _think_
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    Your raise and recruitment are two separate budgets. The amount of absurd usually grows with the size of company, it's natural for any form of central planning.
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    If I'd guess from my manager experience with bad managers... The believe is that if they gave you an raise everyone wants a raise... And the usual power play, as an pay rise means for narcisstic managers that someone castrated their power and influence.

    If they hire a new one, it's unlikely that he / she will talk about his loan during their probationary time.

    So yes, he / she might need more time to be useful and yes, this is completely dumb - but narcisstic managers think about power first and at the last position things like efficiency come into play.

    In my opinion, the transparency of loans is a society taboo, I'd be pro a law that mandates loan transparent.

    Completely unrealistic that this will ever happen, but if - oh boy. It would be an all out civil war.
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    @BixelPitch Got 5 interviews lined up next week by answering to some receuiters. 😂
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    I asked for a small raise - about 1.5k) to level me with one of the other devs.

    Given that I was teaching all the other ‘senior devs’ on the team. And also holding sessions to teach the architects how to do architecture (Literally going to the London head office and being stood up front teaching them. They were paid a fortune but designed software like it was 1990).

    The answer I got was “There’s no extra money. It’s alright doing all this but you are just a developer”

    Talk about demotivating. I loved that company but it had gone downhill badly, so things came to a head fast.
    I left for a new place on 16k more.
    And the cherry on top was I took one of their devs with me.

    Good luck you penny pinching b’stards. How’d you like them apples ?!
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    @TrevorTheRat Wow, times truly do not change... I'm happy it worked out for you!
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