Did you hear about the new currency called "Bragging Rights"? It's gonna go to the moon!

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    “This nonprofit was formed when the founder tried to buy Gawker”

    That sounds like a lead-in to a drinking story, not a company fun-fact.
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    The 90s called and they want us to return the term "Webmaster".
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    The more I read the more red flags show up...
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    It also completely fails to mention why they're a non-profit.

    I wouldn't have issues doing unpaid work for a non-profit.

    Not for "bragging rights" or "exposure", but for the cause of the non-profit. It would have to be a good cause though.

    I made a website for an animal shelter once, and one for a group building and maintaining roof gardens for bees and birds on top of offices.

    If you fail to mention your cause, and how it makes the world a better place, count me out.
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    @AmyShackles I read the article too. The author wasn't shy about hiding the fact this "buyer" didn't know what the fuck he was doing.
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    @bittersweet apparently they wanted to use celebrities and famous people to advertise this non-profit's articles. On the article they would have a donation button where the reader can donate money to a cause that the celebrity chose or something.

    It was really weird, and way to dependent on what ifs.
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    so TLDR, nonprofit helps other nonprofits 😂
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    @iSwimInTheC And often these kinds of middlemen aren't as non-profit as the term non-profit suggests.

    Two quarters later and suddenly there's a 5% platform fee for all donations, a CEO buying a high-end Tesla, and a bunch of disgruntled volunteers.
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    @bittersweet nail on the head with that one.
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