- A buzzword that startup companies use when they can't hire a lot of people. Multitasking all the way sucker!

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    And a term that enterprise customers that can and should know better abuse to no end to squeeze every last bit of soul and money out of their workforce.

    “What do you mean you can’t harvest the stone, shape it, build and decorate the temple? Specialisation, what’s that?!”

    Imagine the attitude applied to other division of labour tasks, goodness knows why it’s applied to software.
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    I've seen the term used a lot more by people who know javascript and have done an SQL query before, so they call themselves "Full Stack Developers." But not a speck of infrastructure knowledge.
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    @bahua I do a lot of front and backend stuff. I refer to myself as full stack because unless you go into the details of your skillset what else do you call yourself. But really I'm not fullstack in the sense that I'm skilled in absolutely everything from design to code deployment
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    What I object to about the use of the term is that it refers to a person with deep, comprehensive knowledge and expertise on the full infrastructure, design, development, deployment, and support lifecycle. This term was coined to refer to people who could, with their knowledge, do the work of multiple people, for less than the cost of however many people, but for a far greater level of compensation than one person.

    What I object to today is the dilution of this term by it being accepted to refer to narrow, field-specific segments of that extremely broad set of highly valuable skills. This dilution means there is no word to refer to, "Full Stack" anymore.
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    I'm full stack in a very large Enterprise and I feel like it's an appropriate term for what I do...lol

    Really I prefer back end though
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    I'm also a full stack developer doing contract work and it's always fun to learn new technologies. When a client asks for something I don't know but I'm interested in, I'll offer to learn it. Over the years this leads to a huge repertoire... (Python, PHP, Java, MySQL, Postgres, Redis, RabbitMQ, Cassandra, React + ecosystem and es6+, React Native, Cordova, lots of libraries, DevOps Stuff like Jenkins, Docker, Icinga), currently diving into Kubernetes. I would be happy to learn more things about best practice in QA and about machine learning soon.
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    "Let's hire 4 fullstack developers to code this firebase app"
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