Fuck China.

Fuck the U.S. government.

Fuck the UK and Australia and all the other governments for taking advantage of the crisis of the last two years to get more power and money for their elites.

Fuck them all for starting COVID with their unsanctioned and unethical “gain of function” lab experiments and creating so much chaos that nobody really has a chance anymore at living the life they had dreamed of or so carefully planned for.

Fuck them for the out of control spending and money printing and inflation and even messing around with trying to regulate and tax crypto so we don’t have any kind of escape valve to live a normal, happy life.

Because of them, I can’t even enjoy my time off work. Even if I could plan a vacation that wouldn’t have to be canceled due to an outbreak or resultant supply chain issues, I can’t travel without severe restrictions that make it miserable and not worth the trouble.

Fuck them for making everyone into stupid monkeys fighting over opinions about data that is incomplete, misunderstood, misrepresented, or downright fixed toward a specific pharma-fascist authoritarian outcome.

And fuck them especially for being hypocrites and going to parties and generally not following their own rules they made for us when they think we’re not watching, and then persecuting and prosecuting us when we dare do the same.

Fuck ‘em all. I’m so done.

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    @Demolishun You got a ++ from me. Early on I was cautious and on board with 14 days to flatten the curve. As it increasingly became 2 years to flatten humanity, I switched sides. Give politicians new toys and they’ll play new games.
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    @stackodev Check out the "Fall of the Cabal" videos if you have not. Also look at JP Sears on youtube. Fall of the Cabal has some weird stuff, but it shows a "version" of history that gave me some insight into today's bullshit. JP also switched sides a while back.
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    @Demolishun JP is the man. He did a show in my hometown a while back but I couldn’t get there to attend. Love his surgical comedy. He really dismantles them narratives and throws them back in the faces of authoritarians. I’ll check the other thing out. Sounds interesting.
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    Yay, some other people have sense!
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    Yea one outcome of these lockdowns doesn’t seem to have been to slow the spread of the virus much, but it has made me very critical of any potential lock downs in future pandemics. Sure I’ll wear a mask and stand on a line and I’ll get a vaccine because actually making a malicious vaccine is the most inefficient conspiracy ever and anyone who says that shit is already missing some grey matter. (Not taking about if you had real side effects)

    Did it really do any good to close all the restaurants and force everyone in to the grocery stores at the same limited hours each day? Didn’t you just shift the problem?

    I’m not an expert but unless you lock down so hard you are shipping rations where the only people who touch the box of rations are the person delivering it and the end user then it seems like all the wrecking of livelihoods was for marginal gains at best? And the complete play of your selves over the summer of 2021? When things started to relax then you got the most contagious variant ever from that… sigh. Stupid people, everywhere.
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    Although I join you rant regarding politics. Once it was out, and no way to stop it, restrictions were required, to give people who understand the actual details of the problem to time to find a way around, over or trough the problem. You sound like any user who hits the bug in production and expects that he/she is the only user - trust me, you are not. I hope you live in a democratic country and therefore you have opportunity to express your emotions on next elections, by casting a vote or even go for candidacy yourself. Start small from your local community, cause this immediate environment actually impacts your life most. Chilllax and see you on the otherside of this shit times
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    @Avimelekh I don’t live in a free and democratic country. I live in the United States. At one time it was a free and Constitutional republic. Localities used to be able to govern mostly independently of central federal authoritarians. People were happier and could determine the courses of their own lives in spite of the vicissitudes of life.

    But for many years now we’ve had a rubber stamp congress that just passes massive omnibus bills that spend trillions to be given as gifts to lobbyists, the military, big tech, pressure groups, and industrials who will do whatever the dominant party of the duopoly demands. (continued…)
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    @Avimelekh We used to have an independent judiciary but now it has become just another legislative body for 9 people to write laws without representation of the people. We have had a string of idiot and corrupt presidents for the majority of my 47 years of life. Our elections are becoming a free for all of “vote early, vote often” where literally anyone on earth can vote in our elections whenever and however many times they want as long as they know how to work the system.

    So it’s natural that we are where we are now. The only silver lining is that I happen to live in a free state that has its priorities straight and COVID is mostly an unpleasant memory that we are getting past. But the authoritarians are coming for us. Within 20 years from now, they’ll flip our elections in their favor and destroy our way of life. They’ll make us into California.
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    @stackodev This. All of this.
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    @stackodev I honestly hope and want to believe that in the next few months we will see most of the senate and congress become rope stretchers. They are traitors. I thought it might be a good idea to invest in hemp. If you know where to look you can see signs of this devolution everywhere.
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    @Demolishun We do need another revolution. Badly. I wasn’t at all impressed with the ones a few partisan idiots tried in 2020 or last January, though. No, this one needs to be widespread and as bipartisan and unified against our common enemy as possible. Make the US government bureaucracies, big tech, big media, pharma, and all three branches fear the people again…all of us…regardless of race, identity, or political persuasion. Take back our Natural Law rights and let us govern ourselves locally.
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    @Demolishun I’m watching “Fall”. I follow a lot of stuff on these topics and thought I knew a lot. But if half of what she’s saying is true, I didn’t know jack.

    I still think QAnon was a psyop smokescreen. It was simply too good to be true that a secret society of “patriots” was working within government to expose and prosecute 45,000 people and return government back to the people. I think it was made to discredit those who talked about pedophilia and other corruption at the highest levels. I say that because QAnon disappeared as soon as Joe Biden was in office. That’s textbook CIA in banana republics kind of stuff (I spent a couple of years in one of the countries they ruined and I learned a lot about how it worked). That doesn’t happen with true revolutions. That happens with reverse propaganda when you want to install “friendly” dictatorships.
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    @stackodev There is tons of things happening that you will never see on MSM. One of the last things Pompeo said publicly is that it is time for wokeism to go to sleep. Lots of people are locally taking back their cities and states. Wisconsin is pushing to rescind their electoral votes. Other states are moving that direction. That is why I said you have to know where to look. Pay attention to where there are earthquakes. They just had one recently under a city in the US. It included explosions and smoke. Also, remember the RV that supposedly blue up? It was hit by a sky weapon. This conflict is so deep it is unreal.
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    Yep. I’ve had a very shit couple of years thanks to the government. Lost my family home, had to find somewhere for myself and parents etc. I really want to guy Fawkes London but who’s to say the alternative is any better? Starting to think the uncertainty is better than the certainly corrupt
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    @bashleigh you make a good point. In this case the devil you know is a very very strong argument when you look at 21st century revolutions / coups / civil wars / really any conflict and their outcomes for the average citizens.

    Sure the neoliberal state is lumbering and frustrating but if efficient government is being executed in the street and starving I’m good with the status quo.
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    @Demolishun Can’t find the Fall of the Cabal online, where are you viewing it?
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    Not surprised. Gotta go to fruitcake central: aka bitchute

    Prob find it on Odyssey and Rumble too. Won't see this on youtube I think.
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    Better get what info you can. DHS is supposedly going after covid "misinformation" spreaders. Free speech is about to be physically thwarted by the knuckle draggers from the DHS. If this really happens the USA could change rapidly if this goes kinetic.
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    Excuse me, I said DHS, I meant DHS aka "brown shirts".
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