Finally got a job offer, just waiting on the official letter, I am eager to hand my two weeks in. I'm even tempted to quit outright once I have the offer letter. (No one is under me, there's no training I can provide, no needed bridges would be burned)

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    it's always good form to give a notice, unless they really screwed you over.
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    @iAmNaN True, it is, and I likely will. A man can dream haha
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    Never burn a bridge or act in a unprofessional manner, you don't know what pretty doors you might be closing for your future...
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    @iAmNaN @mmcorreia just a little follow up, I got my offer letter near end of day and walked over and said want to give a two weeks notice, asked of I was on a project, said technically I am but not officially, said that's fine you can leave today then. So Friday was my last day! Worked out perfectly.
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