Networking boffins! I’m building a garden office at the end of my garden…garden about 30m long. For internet what do you guys advise on for cabling/any special router? Thanks!

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    Just an Ethernet cable would be enough. And a locally installed router for wi-fi and connecting several devices.
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    @iiii sounds good thanks!
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    I'd recommend a ductwork for the cable, especially if you put that underground. That way, you won't need to dig everything up again if you need to replace the cable.

    Probably, you'd also want to put electric power supply through that. Use sufficient diameter depending on how much power you need in the cabin, and probably a fuse plus RCD on the house side.

    Also, use cables that are suited for outdoor use because condensing moisture is a thing, and deep enough (60-80cm) to be protected from frost.
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    @Fast-Nop "Probably, you'd also want to put electric power supply through that."

    Be careful about this, running low voltage cabling parallel to high voltage cabling in a conduit is usually (often) ill-advised.

    A hopefully helpful link for OP: https://sortatechy.com/can-you-run-...
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    @ComputerToucher I don't see the issue here even if there's no shielding because we're not talking flat ribbon data cables, but twisted pair.

    I have my power cables bundled up with 230V AC over around 15m in my appartment with no problems.
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    Quite so, much of this is dependent on the shielding and insulation quality of _both_ cables, and other factors (twisted pair cabling is similarly susceptible to the issues in the article)

    But since none of this had been brought up yet, I thought it was worth giving OP some additional info that they may find useful whatever route they end up taking.
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    Thanks gents ..grateful for the discussion and links
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