Today was a lot. I heard water outside and some shouting, come to find out the upstairs neighbor’s pipe burst. Spent the next hour or two collecting as much water as possible in the coolers we have to try to move it to the storm drain and protect the downstairs neighbor’s apartment. You'd be amazed how much water can fish out of a broken pipe.

Spent a nice hour or two chatting with the downstairs neighbor after they asked what happened (having just realized the water was shut off and having missed all the activity).

Was just settling down from that when I heard a kid screaming for help and panicked shouting. Come to find out my favorite neighbor is unresponsive and can't breathe and her kids are all panicked and waiting for the ambulance. The 911 operator is trying to give them instructions but they're too panicked to listen. I get them to move her onto the floor, then finally get the oldest to do chest compressions until the ambulance shows up. The paramedics managed to get her back, she was breathing on her own and talking, and take her to the hospital but it took a long time to get there. Hugged the heck out of everyone who seemed like they needed it and tried to say comforting shit that it seemed like they needed to hear.

I haven't felt this emotionally tapped out in a long-ass time.

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    Whoooweee what a roller coaster!
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    @PonySlaystation It was a trip. Like, a pipe bursting and someone having a medical emergency are two things that you, like, see in the movies but don’t think you’re really likely to deal with in real life… let alone on the same day.
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    @AmyShackles Good job. Rest well and take your time to process.

    *free hug if you'd like*
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    Good work and congrats!
    What a Monday.
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    @scor It was a Sunday! Part of the reason shutting the water off was such a tricky thing — no one in the office is around on Sundays. 😅

    My team’s the best and encouraged me to take the day off, so I took a half day. Just couldn’t get my head in the game today.
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    @IntrusionCM I am almost always receptive to hugs. ❤️
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    Update: Actually got to talk to the neighbor today and she’s doing much better. Like, you wouldn’t know it to look at her that it even happened. Didn’t realize how much I actually needed to talk to her for my own peace of mind. It’s like this huge bolder’s finally off my shoulder. 😴
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