What the hell is WRONG with Windows 10. Why does it need so much storage space? I get to only use 219+38.6+13.8 GiB and Windows gets to use 564 GiB of data to piggyback on data and storage space to push nonsense updates to user who do not want them. Use your own fucking servers, MS. I wish this fucking OS burns in hell.

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    That seems a bit strange. The Windows 10 OS should take up less than 25GB in a fresh install. Have you changed virtual memory etc? Otherwise try running an antivirus scan. It should not take over 500GB
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    Do a cleanup and remove windows update files. Old updates are kept and take up a lot of space.

    Also use windirstat to find excess data that's laying around not in use.

    Browser temp files, service workers etc. are a bitch on space.
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    Check also if you have system recovery files.

    You don't need to keep 20 different recoveries.

    Check if you use that crappy 'hibernation' thing.

    Best way is to actually click on the 'System & reserved'.

    You will get a detail of that category.
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    Use it to remove old recovery points, data for updates, and other stuff that's laying around.

    Also stay away from various online programs claiming to clean up your computer, at best they do the same as this tool, but more often than not they do a half-ass job and then ask you to pay / bombard you with spam.
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    And finally the last most important step:
    Remove the windows!
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    MS's version of utorrent 😁
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    @the-qwerty-guy Can you imagine MS uses your storage as 'OneDrive' storage for other users ?

    Or to farm helium... All those possibilities xD
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    Maybe it's a backup of the previous OS if you did an upgrade at some point? Also, free space is wasted space (except that SSD will wear unevenly if it's too full).

    It looks so ridiculous that there better be a reasonable explanation.
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    Also, since no one else has pointed it out yet, allow me to give a little bit of friendly green dot advice… the devrant tag is reserved for posts concerning this platform itself. The correct tag for this post would just be rant. :)
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    @Grumm May be OneDrive cloud storage is in fact "other people's computer" 😳
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