starting python guys. wish me luck

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    Wrong tags.
    Also have fun with python
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    Tag comprehension... Heaven help when they get to Python comprehensions...
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    Python doesn't require luck, finding your way around pip without constantly fucking up your stuff does. Please use development containers.
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    I won't wish you luck, cause python is not that hard, but I'll wish you a fast computer
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    @null0v0id it boggles my mind how that happens, and just to python at that.

    "But python is such a great language"

    Yeah, when you compare it to Java, I bet it is.

    It's just crazy to me that there's so many other languages that have similar functionality (that accomplishes the goals), and yet python STILL insists on being "different".
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    How was it ?
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    Hope it doesn't bite you
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    @Ranchonyx sorry i don’t know in what tag this will come
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    @Demolishun i haven’t reached that but god help me that sounds terrifying
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    @darksideofyay i have a laptop with intel pentium and 256 hdd with no sdd and i am a inpatient man. god is not on my side
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    @knobfloortowel good. three days and just learned hello world
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    @theabbie my computer is very slow
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