My previous manager always complained about the programmer that used to be there before me was utterly incompetent and unable to work.

One day checking a legacy app that needed a minor update I was looking at the code and said: “It is true the previous programmer didn’t even know how to put together 2 lines of code, this is literally the shittiest thing I have ever seen, thank God he is not around anymore!”

Manager: “Actually I wrote this myself”

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    I tracked the previous programmer and it looks like he is doing great with a role as responsible in a bigger company…

    I wonder what that manager might say about me now that I left the company too.

    I am grateful to him only because I was so upset about him that I stumbled in devRant
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    How exactly did you inherit the codebase? Wasn't it versioned? If it was, it should be trivial to see who wrote it, even line by line.
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    @kamen zip archive!

    Real men don’t need versioning 🤣

    I am joking but it actually still hurts thinking about it😢
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    That’s hilarious. Don’t worry about what he might be saying about you. He should be worried about his own reputation at this point
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    @rov3rand0m All I can say is "my condolences", lol.
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