What getting an AWS solutions architect certification got me:

Acceptance into the 4 top high schools in the area( one of which being in the top 5 public schools in the United States)

2 internships/apprenticeships

1 opportunity at the local college for some research experience

Vasts amounts of knowledge about servers and back end technologies I have never known about

And of course, the most important one, getting all the aunties attention at parties

People like to say that certifications don’t help but they get your foot into the door, it’s up to you to do the rest of the work

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    You hold up your certificate and the university directors came crawling on their feet begging you to visit their schools?

    Like Harry Potter pointing his magic wand, screaming Patrons and the big stag appeared?
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    @IntrusionCM basically my local high schools have a process where you have to write essays and I literally only wrote about AWS and I was only one of a handful of kids who got perfect scores on all of their essays. Keep in mind this was middle school and a lot of the people wrote about their state and national competitions and I just wrote about AWS and I got in.
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    @arjun-123 Yes. *You* worked your arse off and *you* made it work.


    Just wanted to point out that it is your work that paid off. Don't forget that. :)
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