SQLAlchemy is such a bloated piece of crap. Even without the fact that many consider ORMs an anti-pattern, this library is extremely janky, salty and uncomfortable to work with.

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    Thanks to the huge wall of text on each page, their docs site is burdensome to navigate through on its own, and on top of that, I have to read the cached version, because the live site is down right now...
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    Compared to other offerings it really is hard use. Compared to TypeORM its an ancient monolith
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    @Koolman42 I can compare to peewee, another Python ORM. peewee is simple and minimalist, the most straightforward mapping from database entities to Python objects. Taking a step back, I have no idea what had made me choose SQLAlchemy in the first place.
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    lol, I found alchemy great to work with. It was natural to create classes that match the tables. I dunno, it did what I wanted.
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    Python was never meant to run a backend server.

    Flask, SQLAlchemy, feels like a clunky enterprise mess from the 2000s
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    @searchy2 I never thought of using it for backend. I used it in an app. Is that worse?
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    - plus author provides docker images

    Bit of documentation to read, but it's really easy and my go-to method when I need a fast microservice
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