So yesterday one of the "senior" python developers woke me up at 1 am (we work in different time zones, and he knows how many hours I'm ahead) asking why isn't his code working. The error message was:

[ERROR] Runtime.ImportModuleError: Unable to import module 'app': xxx is not installed, run `pip install xxx` Traceback (most recent call last)

I am at lose of words and patience. Not only idiots who can't google simple stuff are seniors, additionaly we went from "DevOps is a culture" straight to "hey I'm developer in my silo, if it doesn't work on my machine it's DevOps problem, plz fix".

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    Fuck him.

    Send him to your boss, and make him go through his boss before you help him. Every. Fucking. Time.
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    @magicMirror given that not that long ago I had to explain to the boss how git branches work, I have a feeling it might not work
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    That's what you get for hiring cheap (remote) workforce. Do whatever you can to make this painfully apparent to everyone in the company if you want anything to improve.
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    You don't get the point then. That idiot knows your phone number, and if you keep helping him, he will call you EVERY fuken time, for every little thing.
    Making him go through his boss, that talks to your boss to get written approval for you via email, before he talks to you will have two effects:
    1. Idiot annoys both his boss, and yours for every stupid thing. He will stop, as trying to get you to solve his problems will create bigger problems for him.
    2. His boss and your boss answer stupid phone calls instead of you now.
    Just make sure you boss and you are aligned on this "written approval" thing.
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    I bet you said "wtf, why did you wake me up for this" when you saw the error. And closed the call.
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    I have 3 letters against that: DND
    Well, at least against the midnight call, doesn't completely solve the stupid coworker issue.
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    Wtf....can he even read?? How these people get senior roles is beyond me
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    @hitko I am cheap remote workforce too xD
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    @jespersh 1 am is like an hour into my sleep time so not very deep, plus I used to be on call a lot in previous jobs so kinda used to it
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    Can I insert a shameful plug for a job here?

    My qualifications are: I know how to debug by inserting print statements everywhere, and I know how to google.

    I expect to be paid 1 million dollars a year.

    I also accept payment in handys from super models and/or payment in slim jims.
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    At least you got the error message. One of our devs was asking yesterday and provided just a screenshot of incomplete traceback from the CLI so all you see are file paths, function names and line numbers, but the actual error/exception raised is not included.
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    @PAKA how could he wake you up ?
    Slack, Gmail, Whatsapp, Call ? Whatever it is, kill it after work hours. If it happened to me, i would bluntly say This is out of my league, only the almighty can save you. Google it.
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