I have been coding since 2016, am I overthinking applying for jobs because Im not that "current"? (my React experience is not that deep, I have been working on our startup whos stack doesnt use React or any other front-end framework (only simple handlebars templating))

I have built an actual stable working web platform and mobile app through ionic, is this enough to get a decant non-junior job?
I have never actually worked at a company, its been freelancing and startup (we failed, moving on). Am I overthinking how good I need to be to get a job? I like this one local company but I dont want to screw it up, Im sort of delaying applying there because of it

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    Sounds like you're overthinking. I'm not someone with decades of experience, but still, if I was hiring, I wouldn't right away dismiss someone who doesn't have the experience with a specific thing. IMO once you get past your first 1-2 years, it's not about the experience with certain specific framework/library but rather about the ability to pick up something new and get productive with it quickly.
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    @kamen Oh, thanks for the feedback man, this means a lot
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    You never know if you don’t ask, skills are subjective in one company can be ok in other it won’t be, your problem is that you think if they don’t hire you they won’t hire you for the rest of your life.
    If you won’t meet their expectations they would forget about you and you can apply half year later also you can just ask them what was wrong. Or better go apply to other similar job and if you don’t get it ask them and after that apply to the one you want.
    Just make a move.
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    Sounds like you are overthinking.

    Apply to this company you want and to 10 more if you find opportunities that you like.

    Ask some friends to review your CV and give feedback.

    If you don't know a particular technology or framework, you can learn. If you are a nice person, can prioritise what matters for the business, have the ability to learn and receive feedback, this matters much more.

    The things you built are good portfolio stuff indeed.

    Also, having being in a failed startup is a valuable experience, you know things that can fail and mitigate their risk.
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    I got as far as "am I overthinking applying for jobs"

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    Amazon is getting new grads who don't know shit. You good
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    I guarantee that you won't get the job!

    Unless you actually apply
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