Interview in 14 days.Big company. I'm coming right out of school; they don't require any prior knowledge except knowing how to use a computer to a certain extent - it's a dual-study-thingy where you work and study to get a B.Sc. and later on maybe even a master's degree. Time is about 1hr. They need to hire someone to automate some processes, that's what I've been told.

What will they ask? How do I 'sell myself' the best way?
What's a total no-no specifically for tech interviews?

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    alright, thanks guys! So I just kind of tell them what I do in my free-time (mostly tech-stuff, sometimes coding) and call it a day; and I try not to overdo the selling myself part.
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    I guess, emphasize that you like doing things often more than that you are good at them. But don't hesitate to say "I feel like I'm quite able to handle (insert thing here)". That way you're not like "Maah I'm awesome" but you're not selling yourself short either. In my experience they don't want someone good, they want someone willing to learn and who can take on things/problems/issues positively and logically. Best of luck!
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