This is a bit off topic, but : Fuck Quora.

So within the past few months, Quora has had this swelling of people who are either some of the most vile and despicable excuses for human beings on the planet, or Russian plants trying to piss off Westerners.

No, seriously. . . since I started from when I finish college (10 years) these people (and I use the term people loosely) are still recycling the same phrases, ideas, adjectives, and philosophies that have already long since been garbage, but they keep lying to themselves and to you and deflecting when they can't challenge what you just said.

Some people don't believe there have been any race massacres in the US, that we should not just get over slavery but also the blue discharge, the race massacres, being left out of the new deal, redlined, race-terrorism, jim crowe laws, because frankly Mr. Mighty Whitey here had "nothing to do with it." and "voted for Obama", and black people do not deserve reparations either for this same set of reasoning.

Or : "facts don't care about your feelings, now excuse me while I get up in my feelings about this historical fact that makes my people look bad while telling you to get over it."

Oh, here's a new one! "Whenever I get called a racist, I politely ask what have I said that is incorrect."

also the new guy : "Black people are evolutionarily closer to hunter-gatherers and unfit to walk in modern life."

I'm not even joking, if Quora wasn't blocked until 9pm I would link this actual shit show.

The results we get from our education are so typical and consistent, and this is by fucking design.

Fuck Quora, fuck conservatives and fuck white people.


P.S. if you are upset that I generalize white people with the phrase : "fuck white people"

you guys are over 60% of the population, my people are only 13.

It only takes 7% of you being racist fuck heads for half of our lives to be a living hell, and it doesn't help your argument that EVERY SINGLE BLACK PERSON IN AMERICA HAS EXPERIENCED RACISM.


And you STILL haven't gotten it right.

Black Lives Matter

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    K sorry for being white bro. I deeply regret that my parents gave birth to me to be honest, yeah I'd rather die right away of shame for being a white person
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    @Ranchonyx Don't be sorry, be better. Part of being better comes from actually sitting down and thinking about what these marginalized people who have been living in your proximity for years are saying and really just thinking about why they are saying it.

    Or just react without thinking (like you are now) and be an asshole.
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    @DarthGuappi No, I'd rather be sorry for being white and kill myself
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    Darth is a troll posting in blackface to divide people on race.

    Don't be Darth.
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