So, I needed a package installed on one of our Unix servers. The package manager--which is obsolete garbage--was failing with a message which can only be described as a variant of "Go fuck yourself". A quick Google search didn't help.

3 espressos and an eternity later, I have descended into a manic state. My hair has turned grey and I have started lactating. As a last-ditch effort, I try a new search query on Google, and the first link takes me to a forum with a thread discussing a similar issue. The last post in the thread has a solution which works for me. After fixing the issue, everything in the world feels right and I decide to thank the generous poster, who is like an angel to me at this point.

Guess what? The poster is none other than me. 8 months back, I had created a user account on the forum just to post the solution to a similar issue I had on another server.

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    Welcome! Here's your first ++. Nice rant!
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    Wow, that's quite the story!
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    I loved it
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    Plot Twist: You posted the solution for yourself from the beginning. Time travel shit.
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    That's funny but relatable. Sometimes I solve the problem of colleagues. And as they don't know what I did and why I did, so they documented it. Then few months later I have to go to them cause I forgot and too lazy to analyze it grounds up.
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    @kaqqao I actually note everything I learn with tags in a Markdown file synced to the cloud. The file has grown to 5500 lines at my current workplace. For some reason, I never noted this down and it was wiped from my memory. It's the chemtrails, I swear!
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    @matharp An MD file sounds like a great idea... Why didn't I think of doing that... Oh... Right laziness!!! But I'll get on that wagon too!! ++!
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    Maybe you have also used a time machine, in which case you should start working on one.
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    Loled quite hard gratulacje
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    So the time machine needed that package, so he had to fix it in the past (current present), so that it would work and he could solve the problem in the server?
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    I once found my own stackoverflow answer as well 😂
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    So he was able to build a time machine and go back to fix the issue. How did he fix the issue in the first place to create the time machine GOTO START
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    @thedev Fuck. I'm stuck in a loop.
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