If you need a loading animation when the user open the page, there's something wrong in your website

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    That's not true for those slick one-page angular apps, that load all the components at the begining and then fetch only the data user requests.

    I compared a traditional LAMP app, that downloaded only the page requested (including the headers and navigation on every click), and an angular app that downloaded the whole on startup. LAMP was ~2-3 sec per page, angular was ~4-5sec on startup and less than a second per page. So yeah, angular FTW

    (Idk how good is react or this vue.js that you guys talk about but I supect that is almost as good)
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    Can't say I agree with ya there. Progress indictation for anything that takes more than a second is just good UX.
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    Intentional slowdown to show off "progress" is neither progressive not welcome. Just load the site without the fancy effects in the fastest time possible.
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    @arcadesdude dafuq? Intentional slowdown? Lol
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    @p-rex yeah why would someone want to waste all that effort of not having their hard worked animation display, it's not like some programs need the speed or users don't need their time to actually get work done...Lol there are cases when loading bars and spinner animations are intentionally slowing down the program. I can understand the need for feedback but sometimes it goes too far when the animation must be displayed at the cost of slowing the program down...
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    @arcadesdude I got the gist of what u were saying. I'm just saying that I've never encountered 'intentional slowdown' or worked with other engineers that would architect an application to slowdown for the sake of loading/progress indication animation. That's just...stupid
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    @p-rex agreed...There see some stories here on devRant about them so they're out there.
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    @arcadesdude Agreed man. Never sacrifice performance. Fast is good for everyone.
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    <i class="fa fa-spinner fa-spin"></i>
    Plain css. All that effort, all those wasted resources, omgee

    Yawn. Get it over with. The total time spent loading is less with SPA.
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    @stack in most cases it's actually better, angular is an mvc, for a lot os sites, especially the smaller ones, it's overkill.

    For larger sites it works well, but even then react and Vue are smaller, depending on the business logic, angular again may be overkill.

    Even a full mcv like stack using react or Vue is still notably smaller than angular.

    Always let the project choose the stack. Just because angular is good, does not automatically make it good for the project at hand.
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    That depends on weather or not there is in fact something wrong with the site, there are very valid UX reasons for using loading spinners. The front end can very seldom dictate the performance of the api it is leveraging off. It could be a new site off a legacy api.
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