Print 'Hello World' in ReactJS.

# Time - dies
# Memory - cries in silence
# C - gives an evil laugh

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    @anitoni None of the language except Brain Fuck was written to just print Hello World. ;)
    Been working on React since 1.5 years and its my peronal favourite because of its SSR capability, scalability and multiole other usecases.
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    @enitoni. Talk to us when you realize react.js isn't a framework. 😂
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    @xociety What happens when you don't even read the introductory doc and jump into implementations. Already too late bro :P
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    @enitoni but that's what makes it sooo good, you can make awesome stuff cause its flexible with anything.
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    @xociety indeed yes. You should also try vue.js . Its has tremendously grown in last few months and in some places is mucb better than react.
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    @xociety Virtually all frameworks are modular making that point moot.
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    @enitoni good work! You have a long way to go :)
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