no one taught me how to host anything web, i had to figure out how to get things live by myself. it was awful, documentation on that stuff sucks, but i got through it knowing far more than when i started.

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    I mean, hosting is pretty simple itself.. it’s just another service. I believe you can even create a basic web servers in most languages themselves even to test out a project. You just have a service to serve the project, the project itself, and open port 80 and have people connect. Digital Ocean has great resources for hosting docs
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    I remember having the same issue in 2005.

    I'm pretty sure it's a lot easier now.
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    I much prefer learning things on my own.

    I retain information longer. I understand concepts better. I'm more confident in my answers because I have tested my theories on how it works.

    Harder, yes, better, yes!
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    What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger
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    @ScribeOfGoD any language that can listen to and write to a port can technically “host” a web page, some are just better than others :P
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