Can code awesomeness for my clients.
Can drive traffic to almost any website.
Can turn half-baked ideas into money for clients.
Have absolutely no game at all with the opposite sex.

Sometimes the tradeoff of being a geek sucks.

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    Might I point you to the concepts of "not treating the opposite sex like they're another species", "not thinking you need 'game'", and " taking to the opposite sex like they're people"? You don't need 'game', you just need to actually talk to people. If talking to them like you would anyone else doesn't work then no amount of 'game' will ever help you.
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    @stackodev fucking bravo sir :') Magnificent
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    @stackodev Touchy, much? @Zaphod65 is right, you know. "Game" is for pickup artists (aka douchebags), not for someone trying to find a real relationship.

    And I doubt he is the raging liberal you're asserting.
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    @stackodev Touchy touchy.

    And attempts at eloquence don't disguise that you're acting like an aggressive asshole. Try again when you're feeling more civil.
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