My fiancée was complaining about how one of her classes at the University requires using a PC to run some obscure program so she would have to study in the library as she has a Mac. I asked if she wanted me to spin up a Windows VM. After explaining what that means she freaked out saying "You can do that?!". Yes. Because I am part God.

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    @kaqqao It's always surprising. I mean, what do they do with their lives?
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    @bizzarist among the blind the one eyed is king, I suppose. :P
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    @Ashkin i heard about "people" out there, who aren't carrying a usb stick with arch or ubuntu with them. Strange mamals
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    @pascalwacker somehow they're people who don't cary around a USB period
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    @verbo-code6 hey, welcome to devRant

    also, nice how you use period, without using it xD
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    Have you considered saying "yes, because once you stop being afraid to mess things up, computer work can be surprisingly easy"?
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    @bizzarist so, I'm going to open a can of worms, but here goes. This part of the reason Windows is so pervasive. While we who exist in the technology ecosphere care deeply about how tech works, most people, the nurses, cashiers, carpenters, etc, could care less; they just want it to work, with as little input as possible on their part. For most people, technology is for automating their lives, so they don't have to think about it. They don't want to carry around USB sticks, or be concerned with dual boot, or try to figure out why the printer isn't working. They just want to push a button and go.
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    Would maybe be more efficiant to install a Windows OS by the side of the Mac OS.

    Dual booting is king
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    @HampusMa not worth the effort for a class that only lasted a few months and she only needed windows a few times in the period.
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