Wireless printers are evil...

Mom's computer: Page with useless print on, then blank pages, then nothing.
My computer: Nothing
E-mail to printer: Printer says there's no paper. Wrong format?
Print from phone using wifi-direct (after realizing the automatic mode for this does NOTHING): Manual mode gives me confirmation box for connection on printer at least... "connecting..." one minute later connection times out.

Somehow using a wireless printer just never comes without some pain. And always when I have other stuff I should be doing...

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    What model is it? I've got an Epson WorkForce WF-2760 and it has worked flawlessly.
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    ++ for your first statement. I have two Epsons; mine worked flawlessly until the printheads gunned up, but my wife was a real pain to work with.
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    @iAmNaN I hope your wife doesn't read that 😛
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    I can't wait until nobody has printers anymore. As a computer tech I hate the things.
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    We installed a Canon imageRUNNER C350i in our offices, it horrible. Turns off after some time (ok for a reduction off power consumption) but it doesn't wake up when I want to print something, so I have to go to the printer, turn it on, back to my computer and press print, go back to the computer to print.

    The drivers are useless, only a third of the computers in the office managed to install the drivers and connect to it. The others I had to setup through LPD, and some even didn't work with that.

    I also have no idea why I was tasked with setting up the computers with printers, we're a tech company and I'm a developer...
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    I have an HP at home. Works fine on Linux and with the Android/iOS app. Only twice I had it work on Windows in last 6 years of me having it.
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    ALL printers are evil! The wireless ones are the worst though...
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