I've read the docs but my tired brain overrided an important detail.


"By default, HAProxy Enterprise will serve these pages only if it initiated the error itself. For example, it will return the page for a 503 Service Unavailable error if it can't reach any backend servers."

I had _the_ return part for interception of the error page from the backend added, not the default override for the error page of HAPRoxy itself.

Took me 4 hours, crying, madness and screaming to realize it.

This week is really wringing the last bits of the gooey slime what should be my brain out...


Another fun part is that I mistakenly thought the delimiter for multiple strings to an ACL comparison is a comma... It's a whitespace.

acl is_evil hdr(host) -i one,two is wrong.
acl is_evil hdr(host) -i one two is right.

I used to write HAPRoxy configurations blindly, today it was more like writing two lines of codes 100000000 times and still doing it wrong TM.

I need new brain.

Anyone got an offer?

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