Recruiter reaches out to me, he says he saw my LinkedIn and thinks I'd be a great fit.

I say ok and send my resume.

He gets me a phone screen. I do it, I think I do a pretty good job. (I'm able to answer all the questions well, I think I'm onto the coding interview for sure.)

A couple days later I get a generic rejection email.

I'm not sure what happened. They had my resume, I know I did well on the technical questions (I do that kind of thing for my current job all the time.)

No idea why I'm rejected. If it was something about my experience, they could have seen that from my resume. If it was something from my phone screen, I have no idea what it could have been.

Just wanted to rant >:[

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    If I'd made mistakes during the phone screen I'd understand but I thought it went really well, then I get hit with the rejection out of nowhere
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    Could be the company filled the position by them selves or with a different recruiter, always check if the recruiter has exclusiveness to fill the role.
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    @C0D4 theres always a better candidate I guess
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    I doubt it was due to your ability or performance. Some companies interview for shits and giggles bc they need to interview a certain number of people. Then they reject everyone. There’s a dark place in hell for these low lifes
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    Sometimes recruiters apply on our behalf asking for more money than our actual salary expectation. This is because they get their commission out of the agreed salary, as soon as probation is complete.

    Happened to me once. When I found out, I disclosed my salary expectation with the company directly and got the interview for which I was rejected.

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    @player415 exactly. That’s why recruiters should not exist. Every company should recruit by themselves.
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    @macfanpl I guess that in some cases it is cheaper for the company to pay a recruiter's comission? Having employees interviewing and discussing a number of candidates has its costs.
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    @gosubinit true. But as the saying goes: “want something done right? Do it yourself “
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