The submit button is the wrong color orange.

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    I hope you got a call at home, on a Sunday, to fix it and push it (untested) to production. How dare you make such a mistake. </sarcasm>
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    @FearMediocrity jokes away, I had to push it untested in the evening that day because "it took you 10 minutes to fix, no need to test". Thanks god nothing broke
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    @dexie you should break something now and say it relied on that incorrect color, but since you didn't have time to test it broke in production... Like, the submit button only works when it's that color because if it's gray it's not available, if it's blue it's incomplete, ... Some bullshit explanation like that :)
    Priorities, while might look insane, can actually have a reason that you don't see, but pushing something to production untested is never okay
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    @dexie been in those shoes. It never changes, and it never feels good.
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