Hello everyone, I've returned and hopefully start ranting again.

I took a long needed break to think about a lot of shit and I'm back with a much healthier mindset and plan for myself.

Aside from the world going to hell what's new?

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    Quality assurance is non existing in any company

    Hardware prices suck

    Russia goes offline, creating their own internet

    Coffee prices (if not traded on the world market) have sky rocketed

    So all in all, humanity is still lost, we just decided to increase to max speed and accelerate the downfall.
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    @IntrusionCM were trying to speedrun world destruction
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    @Bubbles too bad there won’t be competition on speedrun.com then
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    @IntrusionCM good thinking but the QA one is not new I'm afraid
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    @gosubinit Yeah... But I notice it _far more_ the last two years.

    It's gone from like "sometimes an oopsie" to an "let's wait with this critical update for 48 h cause I don't want to have another panic attack"
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