Sometimes I'm lazy and if I'm writing unit tests and there's a complicated case to test I'll just skip it.

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    Never done anything with unit tests yet, keep hearing about those magical things...
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    @linuxxx unit tests are great, but honestly, when time is of major concern I think a lot of times they are one of the first things to go.

    But I think writing testable code is really important whether you're writing unit tests or not because if the code is easily testable you can always add tests pretty easily at a later date.
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    @dfox Pretty fair, was starting to think about using them during the hackathon upcoming Wednesday but since we only have 24 hours maaaybe not yet haha
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    Definitrly not for hackthon. Lol.

    I am also too lazy to write unit tests.
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    Lol yeah I personally wouldn't write unit tests during a hackathon because I'm a cowboy but I definitely see where it could be useful if you have the time.
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    @linuxxx congrats on 10k!!
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    @dfox Wow thanks! When the Creator of devRant notices xD. Many rants to come 😀
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    @dfox you're not on the dark side?!?
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    But won't that decrease your coverage?
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    you don't have to skip a test case if you don't have any test case :P
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    @jamlam haha, I normally use light. I think I got so used to it because I constantly delete and re-install the app so it always defaults to light.
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    @dfox could make dark the default 😉😉😁
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    Some ppl just want to see the world burn ;)
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    @ScribeOfGoD @dfox well, I was expecting a dark theme before installing, just ask yourself who you made DevRant for
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