With regards to what @trogus writes here: https://www.devrant.io/rants/520228
I have now purchased double monitors for $8.99. Until @trogus and @dfox figures out how to monetize this wonderful place, may I suggest that everyone buys something for their avatar? The margin on those should be close to 100%.

On the subject of how much I would pay for using devRant, on one hand I use it more than Spotify which would mean I should happily pay $10/month, on the other hand I shouldn't be using devRant so much since my time is limited and devRant isn't exactly a productivity tool.
I'd personally be OK with every 10th or 20th rant being an ad though for instance. As long as they don't appear in comments.
I hope we all find a way to sustain this great place.

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    Thanks for the support, we really appreciate it :)
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    Already did :)
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    @dfox why don't you guys start a patreon?
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    @FitzSuperUser that is actually a great idea! @dfox please do this!
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    Lol, I read " Your brand new, shitty avatar item..." Had a mini heart attack 😂
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    No ads please. If people want to donate, have @dfox and @trogus start a paetron page
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    If this post came up cuz of the algorithm my mind is fucking blown! I was just looking at the merch and am totally buying one of those sweet hoodies when i get paid next 🖒🖒🖒
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    @DeveloperACE agreed ads are a bad idea, most devs avoid like the plague
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    @DeveloperACE @FitzSuperUser why on earth will you be against ads?If they want it they should because it takes a lot of effort and money to keep this running. Please stop saying blindly no ads slogan! You are you this app for free wat else you want guys? let's suppose they start displaying ad after every 20 rants.whats wrong with that? Do you not use Google or stack overflow???They use ads to sustain for free services. it such a common sense I don't know why people can't understand.
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    @anekix I know why business' do it but I use Adblock , I've never brought anything from an ad when I didn't have it... why would I now 🙄

    The problem is, is that your forcing people to put up with something and honestly it puts people off

    Giving people options is far better for example I wouldn't mind patreon and giving 5 quid a month

    But I don't like people forcing an action on me I prefer the option

    Just think of your audience as well tech savvy people we know what's good we don't need it thrown in our faces
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    @anekix These days ads are almost always targeted. This means a considerable amount of data is collected about you to provide this targeting. Ads often include additional tracking code for this purpose. This has very serious consequences for ones privacy, one of the major reason I block most ads. And no, I don't use Google services either if I can help it.

    Another reason is that ads are notorious for spreading malware, if the ad platform is compromised, all the sites serving those ads are then also serving malware. In my country, the Netherlands, major news site have spread malware multiple times through ads in the past.
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    @ErwinJanssen very true Spotify has had that issue often! And that's a huge service
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    @anekix if devrant needs money to stay alive, they could tell us. I'd happily buy some mercy or some collabs just to keep it alive.

    My favorite part about devrant is that the owners came up with creative ways to monetize it without ads.
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