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    You monster 😫
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    That isn't a thing?

    I mean, not me. A friend of mine does use that. Yeah. That...monster!
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    I've always thought the exception try catch design pattern was bad anyway, I don't blame you at all.

    Anyone remember VB "on error resume next" basically code for from this point forward just keep executing code no matter what happens.
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    @runfrodorun agreed, it's not the tidiest of patterns.

    I've just had too many instances where I've been debugging a production issue and have found that the application has crapped out, but has kept trundling along because the problem's been suppressed by an empty catch block... I can't even
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    I actually made one because of a stupid exception that occurred only when windows was shutting down (and in the mean time prevented windows from doing so). The catch made the program terminate properly and safely.

    It's a long time ago so I might have logged the event but certainly did not handle it properly.
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    @runfrodorun Yeah, after trying Rust, I miss the exception/try/catch, but at least I handle my errors the right way in one language now
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    At least log it 😭😭😭
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