Met a student who has failed and appearing for re-exam.

Me: You need to work hard to get distinction (~85%).
He: Who wants distinction? I just need passing marks (35). Marks doesn't matter, knowledge does.
Me: Student who strives for more knowledge will surely get distinction.
He: 🤔

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    Welcome to DevRant. Your first ++ for being a motivator.
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    @iAmNaN Thanks 🤓
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    I hate people who take classes and don't actually care about them. Drives me nuts when talking to them and they don't understand anything about the subject.
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    Mostly true, but not mandatory. I always prefered knowledge and we all (people who actuality works in IT for a period of time) know lot of people who wanted (and had) flawless marks, but don't know a shit. Today, they are hanging around having hard time to keep their job positions, which btw, often don't go further from an interview.
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    The education system here in the US is terrible. They teach you how to pass tests, not think for yourself. You can know all of the material and still fail, either due to lack of participation, attendance, homework, showing your work, or because the teacher just doesn't like you.

    For example, I received a D in high school pre-calc despite acing all of the quizzes and exams. Homework was 40% of our grade.

    As another example, in my digital graphics class in college I received a zero on my midterm project because it wasn't in the cartoony art style she likes -- which I should add was not part of the assignment. Her reason was literally "your art is too good; it looks like finished paintings." Because of that, I needed to redo the project from scratch, and in 4 days instead of 4 weeks. So instead of using Photoshop, I used mspaint for most of it, and the new project Rick Rolled her in front of the class. Because screw her.

    Three point is: you can be knowledgeable without good grades.
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    I would say knowledge is useless too unless you can apply it.

    I got an A+ in physics two years ago. But now I forgot everything. Why? The knowledge is not used when I get into CS.

    Even I learn reactJS few months ago, and now I changed to a c++ project. Half of the memory on react is lost

    Unless you turn your knowledge into something else (eg. money or help someone), it will either be forgotten or follow you into the grave.

    In college, I have to choose 10 courses of random knowledge, such as law and chemistry. So I get all D's in these courses and only get A/B in programming or whatever matters, Becoz D is for degree.

    you have to stand against the counter-productive bullshit in the system and only do what matters as a human, an engineer and to the world.
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    I got a 3.6/4.0 GPA back in college.... It didn't help me get a job...
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    Einstein had excellent grades, especially in the natural sciences.
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    I used to be the "grades no matter" kind of student until I realised the grades reflect how much effort you put in things. (From right to left, the evolution of my grades. Sorry for making it that way).
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