Our software needs apache, php, mysql and node of certain versions installed. This is too many dependecies for our customers.

Let's dockerize!

Now they need docker, docker-compose, make, bash and python in a certain version. What an improvement!

I mean yes but hm.

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    You are right. It is somewhat of a hassle but once an image is built, some of these complexities go away
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    Giv em Ubuntu Server and call it a day
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    Wait until they adopt K8S…
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    @platypus yes I wonder when this will come up.
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    I'm confused where make and python come into play?

    I've used docker since almost the beginning and haven't had to use either of those for at least 7 years.

    Also, bash as a dependency? WTF kind of a backwards mainframe fuckery are you working with?

    That's like calling the kernel a dependency for your software to run, why stop there though? Let's also call out: ram, cpu, psu, the whole fucking network, the DC, and the whole of society!

    It's a list of what's needed to run the app, not your Emmys thank you list.
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    Compose Version 2 doesn't use python anymore afaik
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    @sariel the docker-compose commands are so long (calling multiple compose files) that we deliver a makefile to shorten them. There is also a bash script for installation and update.
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    @horus can you not combine the compose files?
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    Well to be fair, a few things to install and update manually is more manageable than dozens, so.
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    Than you are doing it wrong.
    They only need docker/docker-compose greater than X.
    The rest you can manage in the compose file and start script.

    If they need to run some command line stuff than yeah you may need a make requirement too. But not anything else. Everything should be run inside the containers using exec.
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