Anyone used Electron at all? What are your thoughts?

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    Yup. Although it creates pretty big programs (in size), it's fucking awesome being able to create desktop software in the web stack!
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    @linuxxx yep I was looking at it today and that was pretty much my thoughts about it. Haha good to have in reinforced.
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    I have been using this platform for couple of projects. It's pretty powerful. You can wrap web apps or make local web solution apps with react , nodejs... There is couple of issues with iframes and webpack, but in summary it's good for fast cross platform app solutions
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    We are creating the unofficial devrant cross platform application with electron. Check it out in the collab section!
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    Awesome framework for building cross platform desktop apps! Electron is really easy to work with.
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    Electron - the java of the desktop.
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    @CCTrollz isn't Java the Java of the desktop? I've seen many more desktop apps in Java than web apps in Java
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    I mean yeah. But Electron is starting to get more popular, on the bleeding edge of development, namely very simple GUIs for some big block chain projects.
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