Ready for another look into my JIRA life?

Ticket Title: "The 'Selected photos' setting will result in users being able to select only one photo at a time."

Ticket Description: "This is not directly a bug, because this problem is caused by the selected setting. Here one would have to consider to give this option no more and/or with an error message the user on it to make attentive, how he can change the attitude."

I don't even have to worry about NDA in this one because it makes absolutely no sense.

BTW, we don't have a single text in the app with the words "selected photos"

99% sure the creator of this ticket wrote it when they were high, drunk, or both

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    I usually just flag these "needs more info" and I used to have the text "I couldn't understand this ticket and none of the quoted strings appear in the solution, please stick to English and exact names and use punctuation." in a macro.
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    I want to smoke what the author of the ticket smoked... or snorted or injected.
    It must be the high quality stuff!
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    Looks like the author has autotranslated the text.
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    The "I don't even have to worry about NDA" really had me going 😂

    That's probably a good smoke test for ticket submissions - if I can talk about your ticket without breaching the NDA, it's definitely not got enough info!
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