Interviewer: "Using this 2D array and calculate.."
Me: "This input isn't a 2D array though. Do you want me to parse or construct a 2D array then.."
"It is a 2D array."
"Uh.. ok..and if it's not what if we.."
"Look my notes say you must use this input, and treat it as a 2D Array"
"What if I wrote a function for a 2D array similar to this input, but actually a 2D array"
"You must use only the input provided"
Me: does rain dance code for 20 minutes.
Interviewer: "hmm, maybe it wasn't a 2D Array. I like your efforts but that's all the time we have today."

I promise I can code, sometimes. It does help to have correct questions to give correct answers.

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    Unless you are desperate for that job I would have told the recruiter that as a developer I see it as me duty to raise alarm if the stated requirements for a task it wrong since trying to work with broken input will only cost the company unnecessary time and money.

    And if it the bad example was not a test in by it self I would thank them but say I am no longer interested.

    If they are in any way serious they should acknowledge their error and if not, those types of problems will be a constant there.

    If its an external recruitment company I might call the actual company and tell them of my experience so they know the recruiter does not know what they are doing.

    I actually did something similar in one interview last time when at the interview with the company I found out the recruiter had lied to me about the scope of the offer to get me to accept.

    I left the interview with the company after five minutes after telling them about the lie and that spending more time would be a waste of both our times and they understood completely.

    Especially when I told them the CV had been written by the recruiter and even if the experience described was correct, the added “personal” message was not anything I had ever seen or approved and was not reflecting my opinions.

    There are so many bad recruiters out there and many companies does not know.

    I more or less completely ignore any British recruiters now since I have had so many bad experiences with them its not worth the time trying to figure out if this specific one is good enough.
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