I have adblocker on pc. And I get shit ton of ads on Youtube mobile.

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    2 options that I used: youtube vanced which is dead but pretty sure you can find old apks
    or firefox with ublock extension
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    Or newpipe. Yt vanced is better, but since development is dead this is my backup.
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    YouTube vanced will be usable for atleast 2 months, maybe some VPN based adblocker after that.
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    Brave browser
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    You can get browsers on mobile with ad blockers built in - I'm currently using "Free Adblock Browser" but I'm sure there are other alternatives, too
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    Maybe boycot the platform for usage of ads.
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    @FallingUpwards vanced is dead??? since when?
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    @rEaL-jAsE just no. I've sworn to never pay for YouTube. Not because the commercials I'm fine with that. But the fucking go premium spam that they generate themselves without the option to say never fucking bother me again with this same stupid message.
    Also use newpipe now.
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    @darksideofyay no notifications till now. Few days ago. Google sent their legal dogs and they complied. You can still use it if you find some version of it online till some braking change happens eventually.
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    @FallingUpwards yeah, i asked my bf, apparently they tried to mint a vanced NFT, fuckin morons
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