This is awesome.

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    ..This joke is way over my head...
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    Reflash boot.img =)
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    Didn't get it, yeah :/
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    It's Android related. When something goes wrong while modding your phone, it might end up in a boot loop and it never boots up. Then it is necessary to wipe the data and reflash the ROM
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    You don't have to reinstall the ROM. In 99% of cases I had a bootloop it was enough to disable XPosed, then activate the mods again one by one and look what setting in what mod caused it.
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    Wiping /data clears all apps...doing that always resolves problems with bootloops
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    Just so you guys know, just wiping cache and dalvik cache will fix bootloop 99% of the time
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    Ah just buy a new phone 😂
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    @SIMMORSAL Not True..maybe 70%,wiping data fixes it with 99% probability
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    @SHA-256 i base that on personal experience. In the past 3 years of installing custom roms, and facing hundreds of bootloops on multiple devices, only once i had to wipe data too
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    @suhail good to see a foreigner to me, with a similar name to mine.
    -Soheil, iran
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    It depends on what causes the bootloop. If its user-side, then the methods above will probably work. Of you installed a custpm ROM, like Cyanogen or derivatives, then that could be the problem, meaning that a simple wipe /data won't work.
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    @dzil123 Most custom ROMs are tested before published so they will rarely cause a bootloop
    (Cyanogen/LineageOS are broken af anyway so in that case it might be different )
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    Load custom recovery, restore full backup.
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    @fun2code Everything is better than TouchWiz...Los is just bad imho...better to use something aosp based that's not los
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    So awesome on so many levels.
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    Nah... Dirty flash ftw!
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    Waaaahh! I need one like her!😂😂
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    How to solve bootloop - full version

    1) Let it bootloop all day.
    2) Hope it fixes itself.
    If it does:
    3) Party
    3) Scratch your head
    4) Remove all unnecessary components for boot
    If it boots:
    5) Add components one by one
    6) Identify and replace problematic component
    If it doesn't boot:
    5) Do the thing in the joke.
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