Right to repair by Corsair
My mouse has double click glitch...
To disassemble the mouse, first skates need to be peeled off and destroyed in order to get to mounting screws...
I was unable to find those skates online, so I reached directly the Corsair to check if they sold them. Of course they don't sell them...
Next I tried to find professional shop. I found one willing to replace switch for 50$ while brand new mouse costs 60$.

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    Single use only
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    I have same issue with my Corsair. Maybe search around and see if someone has the teflon skates that can be cut to size. The switches themselves shouldn't be that bad to replace though. Probably $5 or less each. Maybe find the same size of switch and get higher reliability ones. Watch some vids on soldering. It is not that hard to learn if you don't know how yet.
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    more like "right to despair"
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    Replacement teflon:


    I would put this outside where the screw holes are.

    For the switches (look at your switches first). I found these for my mouse M65:


    I keep just putting up with the double click right now. I need to take mine apart and look as well.
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    Next time buy with maintainability in mind.

    But if your mouse pad is smooth and your mouse's bottom is smooth, you can just omit the skates. It will still glide fine.
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    last time I did such, I just put the thingies back in place and they even held with the remaining glue on them. looked a bit mangled but it's the underside of a mouse so I didn't care
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    Oh yeah, I had a Keyboard from Corsair. The support was horrible. Never ever again I’ll buy something from them.
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