I’ve been looking for a job recently since I am a student and starting my career.

I have a bunch of experience and I like to think I have pretty broad knowledge of programming concepts (web dev, ML, AI, software development).

I see these job postings for jobs that I know I am qualified for.

- I got my research published (which is related to the jobs I’ve been applying for)
- I have great grades
- I have a clear track record of doing well in teams (life long athlete)
- I am a complete geek for new tech and libraries so I always learn them super fast
- I have side projects that aren’t just shit I’ve done in school
- my past jobs show that I am an efficient worker who has real experience

However, I always fucking fail the coding challenges.

I’m never asked questions like “how to reverse a linked list”, just obscure questions that I don’t know how to study for.

What the fuck am I supposed to do? It’s not even like I get close to the answers. I usually get a couple test cases and then fail the rest of them, or I can’t figure out a solution to solve them.

This is all really disheartening and I fucking hate it I absolutely fucking hate it and when I am trying to hire people in the future, I’m never going to make them do coding challenges bc they’re fucking stupid

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    Coding tests are stupid, and then some.

    But if your prospective employers are forcing people to do them, then jump on leetcode or something and practise that until you can do it blindfolded.
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    I’m curious to what you’ve been asked to do.
    If you’re still a student then I’m assuming the jobs you’re going for won’t require anything overly complex for a while anyway.
    Technical tests in interviews should be well below the standard you’re looking for. It should just be there to weed out those that lied about their capabilities.
    An interview is definitely not a good environment to test someone’s skills.
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    @UnicornPoo the questions I’ve gotten are mostly algorithm questions. However on my most recent interview, I got an algo question that wasn’t in my study material (pretty much the 14 patterns article on hackernoon)
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    @C0D4 yea, I didn’t want to grind this shit out but I guess there no other option. I’d just much rather get a project to complete rather than a question
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