I can't change the installation path?!
Microsoft i hate you so God damn hard...WTF

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    If you don't like Microsoft, don't use Microsoft.
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    "across all drives"? What? 😶
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    If your PC is not the issue, what @arcadesdude said.

    Symlink are an easy solution.
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    @Artemix that is not the reason. If you want to install VS on a different drive, it will still utilise the C drive or whatever the windows installation drive is. This is because .NET needs to be tied in with components of Windows to function correctly. Microsoft doesn't gain anything out of keeping users on a free product, in fact they have created uninstallers for VS so that people can remove them properly. Quite frankly it's not anyone's fault that people have 120 GB C drives because everything they do is on a secondary drive.
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    What's the reason for not installing the 2017 version? 😊
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    @bolet Welcome to devRant!
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    Thanks @oxcened 😄!
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    @g-m-f not at all i am using one ssd and two hdd.
    And i just want to keep the ssd as clean as possible. (I dont use vs often)
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    @bolet go to the node.js compile requirements. I actually have vs 2017 installed
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    @Liz3 Ohh okay 😊
    Was just curious 😊
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    worked for me :p
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