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    Privacy is just a word now on the dictionary. NSA must be knowing what's the dick size.
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    Better talk to Trump then. He's the one who think it's fine to sell your internet history :p
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    @Artemix Nothing corporate sized is ethical.
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    This is why I gave up Windows a while ago.
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    @CorruptComputer fuck yeah, finally someone with common sense. I was just about to write a rant about how as devs we should be applauding the data collection, not bashing it since it's mostly used for making better software and is anonymised. The majority of privacy you lose is not due to software that shows you an EULA about what they do with your data, it's due to software you're not even aware of...
    And were it not for data collection, you would not have a whole bunch of your fancy software. And finally, as devs, we should be in awe of some ways the devs use that data...
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