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    JavaScript is such a terrible language that a typecasting framework had to be created to make sure that this shit never happens.
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    @sariel except the dumb fucks fucked that up and allowed 'any' as a type and now we have a framework for types without types, welcome to the full circle of JS bullshit.
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    But the equality relation has to be transitive!

    Transi… what? Dude, I am the most popular programming language in the world! Fuck off with your logic!
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    @C0D4 this is why I `no-explicit-any` as well as `no-implicit-any`
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    That was need to easy transition from old js projects to ts
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    @shahidcodes "easy transition" sounds alot like "lazy development".

    Like my great grandpa used to tell me, "when you're transitioning to typescript make sure you just use it when it's convenient."
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    @sariel yeah, those rules help you find things, but you really don't want to turn them on right away.
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    Javashit is like php, but in a suboptimal way of it haha
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    Let's be real here. If anything in your code relies in equality that checks for anything in this meme you've got bigger issues than js
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    0 == “0” => the char “0” means 0
    0 == [] => the array [] has 0 length
    “0” == [] => the array [] equals the (char) array [‘0’], or as we like to call it the string “0”

    It actually does make sense that the last is false
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