Hey guys, I just made a small contribution to the world of free code. It's a an install script for installing Apache Spark on windows with all its dependencies and quirks. Installing it on Windows is not so straightforward as some of you might know. This script should make everything good to go.


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    thank you! I tried several apache projects and their installation is one of the most cofusing and hardest thing that i challanged on a computer.
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    @heyheni Hold on, it's not working properly atm. Just arrived home and tried it on my clean laptop at home (the work PC pretty much had everything).

    I'll push the fixes in a few minutes.
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    Unfortunately I'm still having problems setting permissions for /tmp/hive . I thought I knew how to do it on my work PC since it actually worked. But i'm still getting that error no matter what on my home PC.
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    @heyheni Fixed it. Everything should be ok now
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