I thought of posting this as a comment to @12bit float' post, but then decided it better goes out as a post by itself.


My second employer, where I am on my last week of notice currently, is building a no code/low code tool.

Since this was my first job switch, I was in a dreamy phase and was super excited about this whole space. I indeed got to learn like crazy.

Upon joining, I realised that an ideal user persona for this product was a developer. Wow! No code tool for developer. sO cOoL...

We started building it and as obvious as it could get, the initial goal was adoption because we were still at top of the funnel.

We launched an alpha release shortly followed by a beta.

Nobody used it. Tech XLT/LT kept pushing product and design team to run a feature factory so that their teams can use this tool.

The culture set by those two leaders was toxic as fuck.

Now, I decided to do some research and some more product discovery to understand why folks were not using it. Mind you, we were not allowed to do any research and were forced to build based on opinions of those two monkeys.

Turns out that the devs were really happy with their existing tools and our tool was another tool being forcefully added into their toolbox by the said XLT/LT.

Not only that, even if they decide to use our tool, out of pressure, they still cannot because the product was missing key capabilities like audit control and promotion from one environment to another.

Building those would essentially mean reinventing Github aka version control and Spinnaker aka CI/CD pipeline.

My new boss (I got 3 managers in 4 months because of high attrition across levels due to the toxic culture), thinks that tech XLT/LT are doing great and we all suck as a product and design team.

He started driving things his own way without even understanding or settling down for first 90 days.

Lol, I put in my resignation got out of that mess.

So agreeing to what our boy said here, no code tools are a complete waste, especially for a developer, and even as a non tech person, I prefer keyboard over mouse.

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    In my opinion no code's ancestor was

    Management tools
    "We can do this better faster hyper"
    (... but only under these myriads of special conditions)

    Customer Relationship Management
    "We can do this better faster hyper and more profitable"
    (... Support? That's extra. Oh. You need support for everything by the way. We obviously obfuscated the shit out of everything.... Or break stuff just for fun in every minor release)


    Could go on, but the gist is:
    If someone wants to sell a _hype_ (or it is promoted like a hype), it's most likely built upon corpses, feces and the worst of humanity.
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    No Code/ Low Code tools can be useful when used internally for very specific purposes that are otherwose fairly frequent activities. Thus, as "smartass automation tools".

    Selling them as general purpose components for someone else's stack? that is just mean.
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